Daily Flow Fitness



Are you ready to train? This is a 10-15 minute discussion regarding your needs, goals, current, and/or previous illness, injury or surgery. This allows us to get to know each other and decide if we're a good fit to continue onto a assessment.

Consultations are always free.

Full Assessment: 90 minutes - $130

Assessments are helpful in determining what type of training is best for you. Through this process, I will be able to assess where we need to start your program, as well as:

  • Discuss your history, injuries, goals, and lifestyle
  • Measurements: weight, body fat, girth
  • Posture analysis: standing and sitting positions
  • Movement screening to determine which parts of your body may be lacking range of motion and why
  • Begin to correct your imbalances
  • Provide a 10-15 minute full-body sports massage. This will help restore awareness and begin balancing your body

Based on the information I get out of our assessment, I will develop a completely customized workout and fitness plan designed to meet your specific goals.

* Additional discounts with purchase of fitness package.