Daily Flow Fitness

What is Daily Flow Fitness?

Performance Enhancement and Pain Management

Daily Flow Fitness is a holistic approach to fitness. Cole draws the best elements from several types of training and pain management styles to create Daily Flow (breathing and bracing, corrective exercise/activation techniques, traditional strength and conditioning, tempo work, myofascial release). Our mission is to enhance your ability to “flow”, by training your body and mind to work together as one. Listen to your body.

Cole Citret CMT, NMT, CPT

Founder of Daily Flow Fitness

Cole was born in San Francisco, raised in Daly City, and has a twin. From an early age he was always drawn to fitness and working out.

It started with a curiosity for movement and human potential. Now Cole strives to help people reach their potential by nurturing the body, mind, and soul. Cole is an artist and it shows in every workout. Extremely knowledgeable, and a fitness generalist Cole specializes in movement/athletic performance and pain management.

Cole pushes you to the edge but seems to have a “sixth sense” for when you are at your limits. Working within your limits is important in order to have consistent improvement while staying injury-free.

Not taking health and fitness seriously, early on, Cole found himself continuously dealing with injuries. Each injury was an important lesson learned the hard way. After 3 ACL injuries in (’07,’09,’14), a 5th degree A/C separation (’07), and 2 concussions, he finally decided to follow a path of health, fitness, and helping others.

Performance enhancement can be for anyone. Whether you are an aspiring professional athlete, or just trying to hold on to your last bit of athleticism. Training hard can create aches and pains, develop imbalances and compensations that can easily turn into injury. Daily Flow utilizes corrective exercise techniques to actively fight/correct any imbalances. Cole is a Neuromuscular Massage Therapist (NMT). He combines that disciplines’ techniques with a fitness plan to maintain natural ranges of motion and body awareness.


CMT: Certified Massage Therapist since 2011
NMT: Neuromuscular Massage Therapist
NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine):
CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)
CES: Corrective Exercise Specialization 2011/2013
M|WOD - Certified M|WOD 101 / 102 coach


Baseball, basketball, soccer, swimming, water polo, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, endurance sports


Dr. Kelly Starrett, Dr. Jeff Rockwell, Julie Porter, RN, Dr. Steven Kotler, Jamie Wheal, Matthew Adams CPT, Erin Cahill-Casillas NMT

  • Corrective exercise
  • Breathing techniques
  • Functional movements
  • Strength and power conditioning
  • Advanced neuromuscular and myofascial release
  • Deep tissue, sports massage
  • Nutrition consulting

I've worked with clients' ACL injuries, ankle sprains, rotator cuff, shoulder impingement, frozen shoulders, hip replacement/resurface, neuropathy, post-stroke, post-pregnancy, and chronic pain.

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  1. May, 1996

    3rd place, 50m dash, San Francisco all-city track meet

  2. 1998-90

    San Francisco private school league basketball championship

  3. 1998-2000

    Baseball San Francisco all city all-star

  4. May, 2002

    California High School Division: Central Coast Section, 3rd place, 50-yard swim

  5. July 4, 2006

    First Taste of Flow
    Moved to Lake Tahoe, lost 40 lbs in one summer. As a lifelong athlete, I knew I was skilled, but finally had the body to go with the skill. First real taste of "flow".

  6. February, 2007

    Right A/C separation. Started riding again in less than 2 weeks.

  7. April 13, 2007

    1st ACL + lateral meniscus tear on my left knee while snowboarding. I'd recently lost a lot of weight, was counting on my youth, and was paying no attention to actual fitness, nutrition, or sleep. This could possibly have been related to a shoulder injury from 6 weeks prior. Silver lining: I started to be more aware of my fitness.

  8. January, 2009

    2nd ACL + medial meniscus tear in the right knee. Probably caused by imbalances and compensations developed over time after a serious injury.

  9. August, 2011

    Started attending National Holistic Institute for massage therapy. Built a huge base of knowledge in anatomy, physiology, and massage in other cultures. NHI is where I first learned about "flow", and started to realize how to overcome my snowboarding injuries.

  10. Febuary 5, 2013

    Graduated from the National Holistic Institute in Advanced Neuromuscular Massage Therapy with a 4.0 GPA

  11. June 10, 2013

    NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  12. August, 2014

    A new beginning, a new hope - moved to Colorado to get involved with training, triathlon and endurance sports.

  13. January, 2015

    3rd ACL + MCL tear

  14. June, 2015

    NASM Corrective Exercise Certification

  15. March 6, 2017

    Became an M|WOD certified 101/102 coach