Daily Flow Fitness


Do you have a question that you didn't find answered on the website? See if it's answered below.
  • Is this training too advanced for me? I’m just trying to be healthy, not super athletic.The training style used at Daily Flow is completely scalable for any ability level and/or age.
  • I’m a triathlete; I like what I’m doing now, and, feel like it’s working. I am kind of bored, though. Will you change everything up, or can we integrate both styles?We can take a look at your current program, choose the things you like and see where we can shake things up a little to keep things fresh and fill in any potential gaps in your training.
  • Can you come to my house three days a week to workout with me? Is that too much?I can absolutely come to your house, office, local park up to five times per week (although not usually necessary).
  • My child is really into sports. Is there any age that's too young for you to coach?I will work with ages 12 and up. There are very different techniques for developing and growing bodies.
  • What’s the difference between hiring you to coach my son, and, letting him work with a coach at school?DFF is an in depth personal look into the biomechanics and specific conditioning regarding your sport. Most team coaches have to give a general conditioning program to a larger group without as much personalized attention.
  • Is this program for athletes, or just everyday people who want to be healthy?This is for everyone!
  • I’m not really into fitness. I sit at a desk all day, but, have started to notice that maybe my body has more aches and pains than it should have. Will it be hard to correct/can you help?I can definitely help. Let’s start with a basic fitness program designed to get the body moving, and, balanced. This can help alleviate a lot of the chronic aches and pains suffered due to a sedentary lifestyle.
  • I currently belong to a gym, and, am comfortable with my current exercise program (elliptical and a few weight machines). Lately, I feel that it’s not getting me anywhere. I’m not out of shape, but, just want to feel like I’m getting something out of my workout.Over time our bodies adapt to the stresses we put on it and eventually we plateu. It is necessary to shake things up and keep your body guessing in order to keep progressing.
  • What is the payment process? Do you accept cards?Pay in person when you sign up. Cash and all major card types are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.