Daily Flow Fitness

Training Programs

Performance Enhancement & Sport-Specific:

This training program is perfect for anyone looking to improve on their endurance, strength, power, and/or agility in a specific skill, sport, or activity. It's ideal, whether you're an aspiring professional athlete, or just trying to hold on to your last bit of athleticism. With an emphasis on biomechanics and a program rooted in science, you can boost performance in sports and life.

Phase 1

In the beginning, we'll focus on building your foundation through stability, core, corrective exercise and cardio.

Phase 2

Adding in heavier weights and strengthening the body as a whole, while still working on Phase 1 to fight any imbalances or compensations.

Phase 3

Power, speed and agility is the main focus. Fast pace, all-out, honing your skills in a newly-balanced, stronger version of yourself.

By blending sport-specific/functional movements, a little power lifting with core conditioning, breathing and massage, you'll increase strength, power, reaction time, proprioception and learn to increase your focus. High school, college, pro or amateur, Daily Flow Fitness can help condition your mind, body, and awareness - creating a potent combination that will boost your performance.

Pain Management & Mobility:

If you struggle with chronic pain, aches, and everyday tasks, I can help. Employing proven mobility techniques, combined with corrective exercise and a basic strengthening program, we can restore your full range of motion. All these sessions end with 10-15 minutes of mobility or massage to bring your body full circle.

Phase 1

Correct your imbalances to help rebuild and improve your posture and mobility.

Phase 2

Building off of correcting your imbalances by strengthening your core and stability. These are critical to maining "flow" in your daily life.

Phase 3

Finally, we'll apply all we've covered to how use your core in everyday movements. Whether you sit at a desk, or you're on your feet all day, this program will leave you feeling balanced and ready to take on those movements you've been dreading.

Post Rehab & Injury:

Are you a little freaked out about getting back to normal activity? Have been cleared by your doctor or physical therapist? After an injury, surgery, or rehab, it can be difficult to get back to feeling your best. This program is for you.

Don’t let that nagging injury stand in your way. You may have developed imbalances and compensations, or it could be psychological. Utilizing extensive personal and professional experience, we can start to build a stable foundation so you can be active again.

What we'll work on:

Regulating the CNS (Central Nervous System) through specific breathing patterns and becoming reconnected with parts of your body that have remained dormant.

Build your confidence by incorporating core movements, mobility, and reestablish a strong and healthy foundation.

All sessions end with 10-15 minutes of mobility and/or massage.



1 session, 60 minutes$115

10 pack$1,050

20 pack$1,999

* Discounted session rate with purchase of a training package
* Assessment free with purchase of a training package
Add-ons ( Add a massage to any of the training packages )

30 Minutes$60

60 Minutes$105

90 Minutes$140